Fibre Art Landscape with Susan Curtis

Fibre Art Landscape with Susan Curtis
July 30, 10:00 – 3:00

This is a fun class where creativity can bloom. Layers and shapes of fabric are auditioned to create a pleasing landscape. Your personal eye and flair for colour will make your piece unique. Stitching with decorative thread (Sulky, metallics, etc.) will make your landscape come alive.

The beauty of the class is that there is no pattern, there is no right or wrong, whatever you do will be your creation, and most importantly, you’ll enjoy the journey!



  • a picture of your favourite landscape (optional)
  • Fat quarters – in the colour scheme of your chosen landscape.  These can be any colour combination of your choice with light to dark shades.
  • At least 8 shades, or any small scraps of fabric that you feel would work well.  Trust your instincts!
  • 18” x 15” quilt batting
  • 1 m. contrasting fabric for borders and backing.
  • ½ m. fusible web (heat & bond)
  • Decorative thread, variety of colours of thread.
  • Optional: yarn, cord, embellishments, beads, tulle.
  • I also bring some optional selections of kits and embellishments for sale.

Call 613-838-5541 to register.


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