My Kinda Town

My Kinda Town
Sat., Nov. 7 & 14, 10 – 3

You may have seen this quilt in the National Juried Show in Halifax 2012 or at the Grand National in Waterloo in 2013, in Houston in 2015 or The Ontario Juried Show. This fun quilt, designed by Beth Cameron, is currently on a 2 year tour in the United States and I featured in Lark Publications 500 Traditional Quilts. Beth has made 4 versions of this quilt and feels each one has its attributes and improvements. The first three were pieced; however, the fourth was done applique style. Beth will show and teach you all the possibilities to make your Kinda Town.

Click the images below to view high resolution photos!

The quilt includes shops with many ‘play on words’ names. This quilt is not only fun but it is funny.   In this two day workshop we will work on the four different blocks that make up this quilt.

Call (613) 838-5541 to register.


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