30 years of ‘building’ friendships!

We are so excited to get this project started, to help celebrate this special anniversary at The Country Quilter!

This slice project will both challenge and inspire the 16 participants who have signed up, but we know they are up for the challenge!

The photo has been divided into 16 rectangles, and participants will recreate their image, using fabric! Support will be provided, with ‘in-house’ demos being offered on topics such as using fabric paint, adding 3D embellishments and embroidered trees, along with transferring designs.

Finished work will be sewn together, quilted by our own Sarah Jane Smiley, and displayed at the Quilts in the Garden show in June. This project will then become the property of The Country Quilter.

We can’t wait to see this project evolve; it promises to be a labour of love, and a creative masterpiece!

Reminder for participants, the next meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, March 26th, from 12:30-3:00pm. This will be our last meeting, as the finished projects need to be completed by Wednesday, April 17th!!!




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