Little Quilt Challenge!

You are challenged to make and donate a little quilt (not a miniature) to be ready for our ‘Quilts in the Garden’ show, June 15th, 2019! They will be then available for purchase for $10, ALL proceeds going to CANHAVE! This special charity pays school fees for AIDS orphans in Uganda.


Quilts should be 7-9″ square, using any technique (fusible, embroider, appliqué, pieced, or any combination of these).

It must have a sleeve, 2″ wide.

Any edge finish.

Don’t forget to sign the back, and bring to The Country Quilter by June 1st. Enter as many times as you wish!


2 thoughts on “Little Quilt Challenge!

  1. Hello,

    I’d be interested in contributing a little quilt. Is the size, 9″ square maximum? Do we need to tell you we’re bringing one in, or do we just bring it in before June 1st?

    Thanks so much,


    Sent from my wonderful iPad ^..^


    • Hello Joyce! Thank you so so much! The 9” square is a guideline only. We are grateful for any little quilt that is donated!
      Thank you!

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