30 Years of The Country Quilter Project!

‘Viewers Choice’ award at the 175th Richmond Fair!

This beautiful project was presented to Ann McLean, at the Quilts in the Garden show, on June 15th, to celebrate 30 years of the shop!

It truly was a collaborative effort, which began last November! Thank you to all involved (in no particular order!):

The individual blocks: Helga Shipman, Jane Roszell, Allison Tranter, Heather LeServe, Dianne Markle, Michele Lebel, Lynne Rochette, Marilyn Fairfull, Julia Watts, Helena Boudreau, Roberta Russell, Penny Miller, Cherril Shirlds, Lynn Price, Billie Sheffield, Kathi Kerr, Deborah Coffin

Assembly: Lynne Rochette, Helga Shipman, Dianne Markle, Julia Watts, Olly Chuchryk, Helena Boudreau

Quilting: Sarah Jane Smiley

Facing: Peggy Fadyk

Drop into the shop to see it in person! Truly a gift from the heart! Thank

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