Update from The Country Quilter!

An update from The Country Quilter

This is not what we had planned for March and April at the shop, but we are trying to follow all the guidelines to keep us safe and well. The shop will remain closed until after Easter.  At that time, we will update again. A pick up day may be scheduled for orders made by email. thecountryquilter@hotmail.com  We would confirm your order by phone at which time you can give your credit card #. More details later about that.  All classes are on hold until this is over.

Happily, I can report that all our staff and teachers are well, and keeping busy.

When you are wondering what to do, you could reorganize your sewing area, make a small (8 1/2 x 11” ) door quilt for our sale, make a quilt approximately 40 x 46 inches for the hospital in Iqaluit (these quilts do not have to be kids prints as they are given to the Moms to use,) or make a lap quilt for the new veterans home, any size and colour.

A Challenge!!

Why do quilters have a stash?? Now we know why we were collecting all these years!

I am challenging you to make a quilt entirely from your stash. You could stretch your imagination and creativity and design a COVID-19 Quilt, or use a favourite pattern. Quilt should be at least 52” x 70”.

When we are open for business again, the first 6 people to bring their finished top to the shop and purchase backing fabric for the quilt will receive 80/20 batting for this quilt top free! The next 19 people will, with purchase of backing fabric, get 80/20 batting for the quilt 40% off.

I hope that I have given you enough motivation, that no one will have to resort to house cleaning!!

Stay safe and keep well.


One thought on “Update from The Country Quilter!

  1. Thank you Ann for the update. I hope you keep well. Let’s hope everything will sort out eventually. Liz Steele

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