Update from The Country Quilter!🌷


As the usual date of our Garden Quilt Show approaches, with yet another sunny forecast, it makes me think of all the wonderful quilts we have displayed over the years. All the talent and creativity of our quilters will have to wait until the next time. Thanks, to all those who passed snowy, cold afternoons making items for the CANHAVE fund raiser as well.

Thank you for your continued support during this uncertain time. It is unlikely that we will be able to continue classes until later with the social distancing and limited capacity in the shop restrictions remaining in place. We will keep you posted.

As we go forward, the shop will be open on Tuesday & Wednesday from 9 – 1pm. You can come along and browse in the shop for fabric for your next project (3 at a time). The exception will be Wed. July 1st when the shop will be closed.

The Tuesday Group are welcome to meet. On sunny days there are 1o chairs scattered around the garden where you can enjoy your coffee, at a distance, and see your friends. There is space inside for 6.

We are continuing to make quilts for the veterans’ home and Iqaluit if you need a project.
Happy Quilting!

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