Housing for Homeless Veterans, August 2020


I understand that the readers of this newsletter have honoured and supported our veterans in many ways including the provision of quilts which are both beautiful and practical and a tangible expression of care. You may therefore be interested in a project of Ottawa’s Multifaith Housing Initiative (MFHI – established in 1995) which is now underway to house at least 40 homeless veterans in Ottawa’s old Rockcliffe Air Base.

There are a number of veterans, men and women, ‘living rough’ on Ottawa’s streets and one estimate is that 10% of  Canada’s  homeless are veterans.  This project, now under construction, is scheduled for opening in January 2020 and it is hoped that it might be a pilot for further such homes across the country.  Unlike other projects that we have undertaken it provides not only safe and comfortable housing  and gathering places  but also on-site rehabilitation services thanks to many  local veterans organizations. And veterans tend to create their own community of common experience.

The building is named after Squadron Leader Any Carswell of the RCAF who after his fourth mission with Lancaster Bombers was shot down over Germany and despite escape attempts spent two years as a Prisoner of War.  After the war he tried civilian life, became bored, and returned to the RCAF to fly search and rescue missions.

But it is probably best to see some pictures and check out our website :  www.multifaithhousing.ca/veterans-house.html

And to see our other projects: www.multifaithhousing.ca

Be Well

Peter R. Coffin

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