Update from The Country Quilter, Aug 2020!

beach umbrellaI hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful summer weather, although it has been a little dry, the weeds seem to be thriving, and my vegetable garden is happier than last year.

It is hard to believe that we are still in these uncertain times. I have seen some amazing projects that have come out of the isolation. There have also been many charity quilts made from all the stash fabrics that have been accumulating …. Who would have known that we were collecting to use during a pandemic?

To observe the guidelines for Covid the shop will continue to be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 – 1pm. We ask that you wear a mask and observe the social distancing. There is new fabric that has arrived this month and we have ¼ inch elastic in stock again. If you need batting, you can email your order in advance and we will have it cut for you. (thecountryquilter@hotmail.com)

The Tuesday group have been meeting in the back garden each week. You are welcome to join this group, bring some hand work, if you wish! There is room for 6 inside if it is a rainy day.

Quilts for the Queensway Carleton nursery may be dropped off at the shop. They have requested that the quilts be washed.

We are still making toddler quilts for Iqaluit. Please keep your donation until we are ready to ship them north.

The veterans’ home will be opening at the end of the year and it would be amazing to have a quilt for each room. Any pattern and fabrics are suitable. Lap to double sizes are welcome. Please see note from Peter Coffin, below. You do make a difference! Some knitted shawls have been donated as well.

Your support of the shop is much appreciated, as we work to keep business going.


Ann McLeanflowers2

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