Veteran’s House Project!

Ottawa’s Multifaith Housing Initiative focuses on providing shelter and support for homeless Veterans. Their recent project is scheduled to open in January 2021 and hopes to house at least 40 homeless veterans in the former Rockcliffe Air Base.

The Country Quilter asked its ‘family’ to step up to the challenge of providing quilts for this project. We are proud to announce that 41 quilts have been donated, with possibly a few more to come!

Below are photos of some of these beautifully created projects.

A huge thank you to all who donated, with special mentions to Roberta Romanko, who donated 8, Diana Baird and Ann McLean who both donated 6, and Lynn Price and Deborah Coffin, who both donated 2. Others who contributed to this worthwhile project include M. Casterson, Alison Tranter and Iris Krajcarski, Marion Rickey, Karin Hunt, Peggy Roe, Wendy Campbell and a beautiful anonymous donation!

Of note as well is that many of these quilts were long-arm quilted by Sarah Jane Smiley, who donated her time for the cause! Thank you Sarah!

For further information on this project, please visit their website at

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