Upcoming Special Event Update!

Interested in selling your creative fabric art pieces?

If you have created so many projects over the past few years that you are running out of storage space, and you are interested in showing or selling your creative fabric art pieces, this is an opportunity not to be missed! If you wish, you can also advertise your teaching skills based on the techniques used in making your fabric art.

Date: Saturday, September 24th, in the backyard of The Country Quilter.

Some basic rules to guide you towards entry:

  1. Put in a request to enter the show, along with a digital photo of your piece by SEPTEMBER 12th (new date!)
  2. Any fabric object is acceptable such as quilts, bags, clothes, dolls, etc.
  3. The finished piece must be no larger than 180″ in perimeter.
  4. The piece must be finished.
  5. If you wish to sell your piece, it will be up to you to establish what price you would like to charge.
  6. The finished item must be submitted by September 20th at The Country Quilter. At that time, indicate whether or not you are willing to teach.
  7. A flat entry fee of $5.00 and a 10% commission on what is sold (for administration and advertising purposes), is requested.

We encourage everyone to enter.

Contact Ann McLean at thecountryquilter@hotmail.com or telephone the shop at 613 838-5541 for more information!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Special Event Update!

  1. Are there pictures? I don’t seem to see any from the link? Wish I could be there but it’s quilt retreat weekend! Alison

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