Custom, Repairs & Restoration

Repairs & Restoration

Don’t let your cherished quilts fall into disrepair! The Country Quilter offers quilt repair and restoration. If you have a family quilt with sentimental attachment, perhaps we can help to make it functional again.


Long Arm Quilting

Sarah Smiley is our resident long arm quilter, and her work is stunning! She is available to meet with you about the patterns and threads for quilting your quilt. She has prepared a guide for preparing your quilt to be long arm quilted.

Custom Quilts

Quilts may be custom ordered from our Mennonite quilter who lives near Elmira Ontario. You can choose the fabric and pattern at the shop. Verna will piece or applique and hand quilt for you. Usually she will complete a queen size quilt in about 3 months. The price depends on how many hours are required to complete the quilt. A quilt that she has made is in the shop so that you can see her workmanship.





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