Long Arm Quilting!



The Country Quilter has long arm quilting services provided by the very talented, very creative Sarah Jane Smiley. Call to arrange a consultation for patterns and thread choice to suit your quilt. We carry silk, 100% cotton, 80/20 cotton-poly, and polyester batting in natural, white and black. Pricing varies, please call for more information.

Preparing your quilt for machine quilting guidelines:

Square your quilt top – no ragged edges. Repair unravelling seams in the borders (where pieced border sections meet up). Stay-stitch 1/4 inch around the edge of the quilt top, this stabilizes the fabric and minimizes fraying.

Clip threads on front and back of quilt top to eliminate threads showing through the fabric. (This is particularly important with light coloured fabrics.) Don’t attach embellishments (beads, buttons etc.) prior to quilting as they may break or cause needle breakages during the quilting process.

Square up the backing fabric. Ensure quilt backing is 4 inches wider on all sides of the quilt top, minimum. If you are providing your own batting, it should be 4 inches wider than the quilt top on all sides, minimum.

Press fabric to eliminate wrinkles. A good way to help the fabric stay wrinkle free is to deliver the quilt on a coat hanger. If either the quilt top or back has a designated ‘top’ and ‘bottom’, pin a note to one end to identify – this will ensure the quilt pattern travels the desired way.

Great care is taken with your quilt, it is worth noting however that some things cannot be ‘quilted out’. Multiple fabric types and bias fabric cuts may result in some puckering while wavy borders can create the need for tucks in the border. If you are aware of possible problems with your quilt, please mention it when dropping your quilt off and we can talk about the best solution.

Please feel free to check out Sarah Jane’s website