Classes and Workshops!

Landscape Group:

Landscape Club is back! Dig out the projects you started before Covid, and bring them along for Show and Tell. It is always inspiring to see what others have done. Please sign up to reserve a place by calling the shop at 613 838-5541, or emailing Ann at Spaces are limited.

Next Date: Wednesday, November 10, from 12:30-2:30pm for Alumni.

New classes will begin in 2022, srsy tuned!

Touch Quilt Workshop!

Come and make a  “Fidget, Fiddle, Touch Quilt” or Sensory Activity Blanket which is a small lap quilt, mat or blanket. These provide sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless or “fidgety” hands of someone with Alzheimer’s or related dementia’s autism, and developmental challenges. These quilts are pieced from fabrics with a variety of textures and colours next to one another, and uses accents or simple accessories such as pockets, laces, trims, appliques, buttons, secured beads, ribbons, braids etc.

All the supplies are provided. You just need to bring your sewing machine, scissors and strong thread.

Next class: Wednesday, November 3, 2021, from 10 – 2pm.

Realistic Fabric Collage Class!

Learn how to take your favorite animal or flower photograph and replicate it in fabric. You will learn how to make a pattern, select appropriate fabrics and assemble the fabric pieces. The last part of the class will focus on enhancing the collage with paint and thread, and the creation of a background which supports your collage.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021, from 1 – 3pm. Class runs for 8 weeks.


Machine Quilting Class!

This class is suitable for beginners who want to try tackling quilting on their domestic machine. Many tips and tricks will be shared!

Next Date: Saturday, Nov 6th, 10-1pm


Wool Appliqué!

Join us on Wednesday, November 24thth, from 10-12:30pm for the next inspiring get together. Don’t forget to bring items of Show and Tell!


Ongoing Groups and Classes for 2021! (Updated Oct 1st)

We are pleased to announce our popular Tuesday morning Finishing School is continuing, each week, from 10-1pm. Please bring some of your wonderful work, or ‘Show and Tell’ items, or just enjoy the company! Cost: $3.

Knotty Girls are back! These lovely lively ladies meet the 20210917_1416281846136035513911144.jpgsecond Friday of each month. Lynne has new patterns and projects for you. New members are welcome. Call the shop at 613 838-5541 or email Ann at for details.

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