– 100% cotton
-80/20 (96” & 108”)
-Silk (for hand quilting)
-Black batting (for your dark quilts)
-Bamboo batting (great for hand & machine quilting
*  Buy by the metre, and save!  *


Quilting Thread

All purpose quilting thread from Signature
Quilting thread from YLI
All purpose thread from Aurifil


Quilting Tools

All the specialized quilting arts tools you will need to add the perfect touches to your projects.  Rotary blades, mats, hoops, frames and more.


Quilt Patterns & Books

We carry a large assortment of traditional and trendy quilting patterns.  We also stock beautiful quilting books for instruction, inspiration and guidance.


One thought on “Notions

  1. Do you carry this quilt pattern?

    “On the Farm” it’s similar to a quilt pattern called “Under Construction” Both were designed by the Country Quilter and I was hoping perhaps that it was designed by you and that you have that pattern for sale.

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